Solar Partners

Creating A Bigger Impact Together

Solar Partners

Creating A Bigger Impact Together

5k Challenge Opportunity:​

We are excited to announce that this month we will be partnering with 20 motivated realtors in Orlando to help more homeowners go solar! This is an opportunity to provide additional value to your clients, while making an extra $5,000 to $10,000 in the next 30 days.

Our Solar Partnership

After watching our 5k challenge video you’re probably wondering how did this partnership idea start. Well… here’s the story!

As we began to share our mission, one day we had a very profound conversation with a special person close to us, which happened to be a real estate broker.

We were talking about the fact that the monetary savings should not be the only driving factor on why families go solar but also the collective commitment to reduce our carbon footprint and protect our environment for the future generations to come.

In that moment while we were reviewing the solar system for her home she said something that sparked this revolutionary idea: “So let me ask you something. If I were to share my experience with clients and friends, would you help me educating them on why they should go solar too?”

The answer was of course YES! And in that moment, as simple as it may seem, we had the biggest breakthrough in our company which is what has allowed us to position Solar Mission as the most trusted solar company in Florida.

You see, as a real estate professional when you network, you will meet families that are ready to buy or sell their home and others that are not quite ready yet.

So the question is: how can you still give value to a home owner even if they’re not ready to do a real estate transaction at the moment? – Well the answer is solar!

Solar is a booming technology that most people have heard about but aren’t really educated on, which is why they aren’t taken advantage of it.

We want you to be the voice of your community and we make it simple so you can make a great income by doing so.

Our team provides all the training, posts, and stories you need to share solar effectively and our professional consultants will be there to guide you and your clients during the whole process.

Also for every homeowner that goes solar you will be compensated with a $1,000 intro bonus – so for example if you introduce 4 clients you would make an extra $4,000 per month with our solar partnership program.

Think about, what would an extra $50,000 per year do for you? Would it positively impact your annual income and lifestyle? Most importantly, how many real estate transactions do you think can occur in the next couple of years by having a unique way to provide value to your clients now?

Look this is a partnership that is just a perfect fit. By us collaborating we will help each other get to the next level in our industries and make a bigger impact together.

Now to clarify there is no cost to be one of our solar partners but there are some commitments. The most important being that you get fully educated on solar so you can provide the right information to clients. This is our number one priority because we want to be the most credible source and guide for families that want to go solar.

With that said, we are excited for what is to come! If you want to be a part of the movement please schedule your action plan today! We take on new solar partners every month and would love for you to be part of the team!


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